July 30 - August 1, 2022, Yantai, China

Together for a Shared Future with Machine




The 2022 IFToMM China International Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science & Engineering (CCMMS 2022) will be held on July 30-August 1, 2022 in Yantai, China. IFToMM CCMMS 2022 welcomes international participants with great respect to join Chinese community and share new ideas and vision on the related research. The conference with a theme on "Together for a Shared Future with Machine" (一起向人-机共融的未来) offers a unique and constructive platform for scientists and engineers throughout the world to present and share their recent research and innovative ideas in the areas of "Mechanism and Space Mechanism, Drive and Transmission, Mechanical Design and Robot Design, Robot and Machine Application."

IFToMM CCMMS is a serial conference. It is held every two years and has been successfully held for twenty-two times. The conference was initiated in 1982 and was formerly known as The National Symposium on Mechanism. It was renamed as China International Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science (CCMMS) in 2006, when the 15th conference of the series was held in Yinchuan, China, and it has turned into an international event ever since then. Since 2020, the conference has been organized with the support of IFToMM MO China-Beijing, a member organization of the International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM) and the conference name has been updated as IFToMM CCMMS.

IFToMM CCMMS 2022 is the 23rd in this important series and will be hosted by Tsinghua University and Harbin Institute of Technology. Tsinghua University was founded in 1911. It is one of the most prestigious and influential universities in China. Harbin Institute of Technology has a history of over one hundred years and is known in China as the cradle of engineers. IFToMM CCMMS 2022 is supported by academic associations and industrial practitioners, including CMES, IFToMM, Institute of Aerospace System Engineering Shanghai (Space Structure and Mechanism Technology Laboratory of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co.Ltd), Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area (YEDA) and Yantai University. The conference general chair is Professor Xinjun Liu at Tsinghua University, who is currently the Chair of IFToMM MO China-Beijing. The conference will also be co-chaired by Professor Fugui Xie at Tsinghua University. The conference program chair and co-chair are Prof. Haibo Gao and Prof. Liang Ding from Harbin Institute of Technology.