July 30 - August 1, 2022, Yantai, China

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IFToMM CCMMS 2022审稿结果已通知作者

2022-06-05 21:47:15

各位IFToMM CCMMS 2022投稿作者,论文是否录用的通知、正式论文提交及注册缴费信息,已经通过邮件发给了文章作者,请大家尽早查看邮件。如果您已投稿却未收到审稿结果通知邮件,可翻阅邮件垃圾信箱,或与大会秘书处联系:info@iftomm-ccmms2022.org

论文没有被录用或没有投稿的同行,我们也欢迎您注册参加大会进行交流,注册缴费截止日期6月30日(注册缴费网址为: https://www.canevent.com/regPaperRegistation/regist?regPaperId=9223&type=pc)。本次大会仅支持在线支付,您可以在该网页中查看收费标准(https://www.iftomm-ccmms2022.org/registration-info.html)。

To all IFToMM CCMMS 2022 contributors, the notification of whether the paper is accepted, formal paper submission and registration payment information have been sent to the authors by email, please check the email as soon as possible. If you have submitted your manuscript but have not received the notification email of the review result, you can check the spam box of the email, or contact the conference secretariat: info@iftomm-ccmms2022.org

If you paper has not been accepted or you has not submitted a paper, we also welcome you to register to participate in the conference for communication. The deadline for registration and payment is June 30 (the registration and payment website is: https://www.canevent.com/regPaperRegistation/regist?regPaperId=9223&type=pc). This conference only supports online payment, you can check the fee standard on this webpage (https://www.iftomm-ccmms2022.org/registration-info.html).